Winning Gov Contracts

There is a line in a famous song by Dr. John which says, “If I don’t do it somebody else will.”

There are Billions of dollars being spent in just the 7 County Tampa Bay area. Somebody was getting those Government Contracts, now many of my Clients are.

I started this part of my consulting as a way to introduce my company to new clients. Over the years it has had many of my clients open separate divisions in their organization just to handle the Contracts I’ve won for them.

The first thing I help an owner understand is Bigger isn’t always better. Many of the Cities, Counties and School Boards have set-a-side money for Small Business, Female and Minority Business. The key is the Company has to be Certified. While I am getting them Certified I enter their commodity codes in the local Government Agencies. The 7 Tampa Bay Counties have 182 separate Government Agencies. As the RFPs, Requests for Proposals, come out I send them to my clients to see if they are interested. If they are I walk them through the process, fill out all the paperwork, create the finished proposal and give them a 3-Ring Binder and CD with all the documents so they can Cut and Paste the next one if they want. During this process I don’t just hand my clients a fish, I teach them or one of their key people how to fish in the wonderful world of Government spending.

The good news is the Government Checks still clear in Florida.

If you would like more info on how you could start wining government contracts, contact us for a free consultation.